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Where it all began

Pike and Pine are the names of two iconic streets in the heart of Downtown Seattle, Washington State. Here is where the idea and concept of this restaurant were born.

From her experience working and dining around the United States, Clare had the opportunity to visit several eateries where the food is just as good - if not better - than upscale restaurants. These chefs have great attention to details and choose to craft each element on the plate themselves. Underneath its plain appearance are layers upon layers of flavor. Clare's decision was made then - she would open a small restaurant like this back in Thailand.

Now we're here

'Make delicious food affordable' is the mission of Pike/Pine Open Kitchen and Bake Bar. At our restaurant, you can have tasty bakery and western food at a reasonable price. Each menu is packed with flavors with a personal twist, turning a simple dish into an extraordinary one.

When you walk into the restaurant, you will be greeted by our open kitchen. We want to be transparent to our customers and allow you to watch our cooking with nothing to hide behind. We also would like to get to know you and chat casually, just like you are at a friend's house where delicious food is always waiting for you.


Meet the chef


chef-owner with professional cooking and baking experiences from USA and France

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