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Sourdough Toasts

with Butter & Jam or Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic

Mix Platter

Salmon Dip, Marinated Olives, Pickled Vegetables

Cured Salmon Toast

Garlic Butter Toast                     
Sautéed Mushroom Toast
Tomato Confit Toast
Burrata Pesto Toast


Burrata Tomato Salad

Citrus Salad

with Honey Dijon Mustard 

Signature Mixed Green Salad

Grilled Bavette Steak Salad    
Quinoa Caesar Salad

with Homemade Bacon

Roasted Japanese Pumpkin
Baked Potato Wedges

with Romesco Aioli


Beef Stew                         
Grilled Cheese & Homemade Bacon Sandwich*    
Cheese Burger / Pork Burger

with Milk Bun and Caramelized Onion*    

Grilled Pork Chop, Fresh Apple Salsa

with Mashed Potato

Grilled Bavette Steak, Chimichurri

with Mashed Potato

Pan-Fried Salmon, Romesco Sauce

with Mashed Potato

Grilled Striploin for Two

with Two Sides


9.30am - 3.00pm

Scrambled Egg with Bacon, Tomato Chutney*

Avocado Toast with Sunny Side up and Bacon
Cured Salmon/Bacon Egg Benedict

with Milk Bun and Hollandaise*

French Toast with Berry Compote and Bacon
Ricotta Pancakes: Maple Syrup, Eggs and Bacon
Ricotta Pancakes: Mixed Nuts, Fruit Compote
Bavette Steak and Egg with Toast*

*choice of side salad or potato wedges

Fresh Pasta

Fettuccine alla Vodka

Cajun Shrimp Fettuccine
Lemon Garlic Shrimp Fettuccine
Stew x Fettuccine

Italian Sausage Cherry Tomatoes Spaghettini
Classic Carbonara Spaghettini
Pesto Spaghettini with Homemade Bacon

Burrata Pesto Bacon

Parma Ham & Fresh Mozzarella

Italian Sausage
Three Cheese
Salmon Ricotta
Grilled Vegetable

Sourdough Pizza

Drinks & dessert



Americano (Hot/Iced)

Latté (Hot/Iced)

Cappucino (Hot/Iced)

Mocha (Hot/Iced)

Caramel Macchiato (Hot/Iced)


Orange/Lemon/Passionfruit Espresso
Espresso Tonic

Options: low-fat milk, oat milk, almond milk, homemade syrup (vanilla/caramel/orange), vanilla whipped cream


Homemade Ginger Beer (No Alcohol)
Passion Ginger Beer
Red Potion
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Honey Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade
Fresh Orange Juice
San Pellegrino

Beer & Wine


Hot Chocolate
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Iced Chocolate

Dark Chocolate
Strawberry Latte
Steamed Milk
Matcha Latte

Premium Matcha Latte
Brewed Loose Leaf Tea

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Berry, Moroccan Mint, Chamomile, Chai, Oolong

Iced Lemon Tea


Homemade Ice Cream

Profiterole with Ice Cream

Bakery of the Day

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